Recording with System Audio

Screeny does not record system audio, because the Mac App store does NOT allow apps that do so.

However, Screeny uses the default audio input specified in your System Preferences > Sound > Input
That means whatever is selected there as the audio input will be what Screeny uses as an audio source when recording.

If you would like to record system audio you may try installing SoundFlower, a tool that turns system audio into a selectable audio input source. Download it here:

Once you download and install it, you can then select "SoundFlower (2ch)" as BOTH the Input & Output source in:
System Preferences > Sound

Screeny will then use your system audio when recording.

You will need to then switch back your audio Output to be "Headphones", or whatever you were using before, in order to preview your video and hear it. Do this in: System Preferences > Sound
If you do NOT switch the audio Output source back to normal, you will NOT hear anything when playing back your video or anything else on your computer.

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